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One Adventure Filled Day at Busch Gardens Virginia

Needing a break from all of the history that Williamsburg has to offer, Have Teens Still Travel headed over to Busch Gardens Virginia for an action packed day. Busch Gardens definitely delivered!

Busch Gardens Virginia

We arrived just a few minutes after the park opened and immediately got our picture taken. Our goal today was to ride all of the seven roller coasters and pick our favorite.

First coaster up is Griffon! And wow this is pretty awesome! This dive coaster hangs you over the edge for just a couple of seconds before it drops you straight down a huge hill, crazy fun, and smooth.

Invadr was up next. This is a wooden coaster which wraps around the flume ride. This coaster was smooth too (I like a smooth coaster, hate having my ears boxed or neck snapping around). The twins gave this high marks for a woody. I love how scared Gabby looks in this picture :)


We walked over to Germany, and hopped on Alpengeist. I expected this to be a rough ride with all of the inversions (6 of them), but to my surprise it was smooth. This was a hanging coaster which seats four abreast. A solid coaster but no ones' absolute favorite.

Next up Verbolten! I wasn't expecting much and boy was I wrong. This coaster starts outside with a launched start. It then takes you inside the Black Forest (indoors). I don't want to spoil it for you, but this was a crazy ride that ranks up there with Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom with the wild plot twist. Gabby is saying on record that she is not scared in the picture below :). I was loving it!

I might have liked this one a little :)

Headed over to Italy to catch two more coasters. Apollo's Chariot was the longest roller coaster and felt like it had the most air time. Great solid coaster, lots of hills and Gracie's favorite.

Next up Tempesto. For a shorter ride this boomerang coaster still delivers on excitement and thrill! I don't even know how to explain this one as it launches you forward and then you fall backward through the loading area and travel backwards before falling back through the loading area again, then your launched through a ton of twists, inversions, loop-the-loops....... Crazy!!!

Our last coaster of the day was the Loch Ness Monster. This coaster is celebrating 40 years in 2018 and it has a really cool loop inside a loop. It also takes you spiraling underground and hangs you out over the water. It has withstood the test of time very well and was definitely worth riding, though a bit rougher ride.

After a loooong, amazingly fun day, we stopped at a gift shop and we each picked out our favorite coaster

Overall Busch Gardens Willamsburg has seven solid coasters.

After a couple of coasters, you will work up an appetite! We grabbed lunch at the Das Festhaus where the twins were adventurous and picked German food over "safe food". They didn't eat it all and neither liked the sausage (but Dad did), but I was still impressed. Plus, who doesn't like a Tyrolean folk show while eating lunch?

We had a late snack at Les Frite's and the poutine was crazy amazing good!!!


Lastly, we caught the Irish show on the way out and it was so much fun!!!! Take a load off your feet and clap along with Celtic Fyre. Both the singing and especially the dancing was top notch. This show is as good as any of the off-Broadway talent that we have seen.

Because we have teens, we focused solely on the "big kid" rides, but there is plenty to do here if you have younger ones. There is a whole Sesame Street Forest of Fun and Land of Dragons, both packed full of kiddie rides. They have lots more shows that we didn't have time to see, and animals too.