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Games to Keep Teens Occupied on the Go

We are a fairly competitive but fun family. I like to play games to keep the teens off the electronics and to get everyone in vacation mode. So as soon as we get through security, grab Starbucks and find our gate, the games come out!!!

We typically each pack one small game into our backpacks. We limit these to small, fairly quiet games so we don't disturb other flyers. These are our top go-to games..... Click on the pictures to purchase directly from Amazon.

Spot it- Takes concentration and a little luck. There are multiple ways to play this game!!! Our favorite is to turn over two cards and the first person to spot the same image on both cards gets to keep one of the cards.

Swipe- Complete luck, no skill at all. This game consists of multiple dice and chips. Fun and quiet if playing it on carpet. You win chips and dice by rolling the dice; you collect both chips and dice from the center pot or from each other. The game ends when there are no chips left in the center pot, and the winner is the person with the most chips.

Mad Gab- We have lots of fun with this game, but only take the cards and play by our own rules, which is none. This game can be a bit louder than the others as we take turns trying to figure out what the phonetic sayings are really meant to be. It's kinda of difficult at first, but you will be surprised how quickly you can adapt to the crazy language.

Uno- Who doesn't like Uno??? We play by house rules and change it up quite a bit. We play this at dinner while waiting for our food, and on cruise ships, and waiting in lines, and... Grab this waterproof version as it doesn't cost much more than the original and the cards are weighted so they won't fly away in a strong gust of wind; plus you can play poolside!!!

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