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Two Cheap Days with Teens at Disney Springs

Disney Springs w/ Teens

Last Spring Break my husband was on business trip to Europe, and due to finances there was no way my thirteen-year-old twins and I could join (imagine me whining and crying about be being left at home... like, A LOT of whining). So I was on the hunt for a relatively inexpensive, sunny, warm destination for Spring Break. Flights out of Indianapolis, our home base, during spring break are notoriously expensive. About 3 weeks out and lots of Google flight searches later, I found us crazy cheap flights to Orlando on Delta ($167 round trip), the hitch…. mid-week at weird times, but no worries, it’ll be warm and sunny!! I booked Saratoga Springs with our Disney Vacation Club points and we were ready to go!!!

We flew out Monday afternoon arriving pretty late (those cheap flights took 6+ hours to travel from IND-->MCO). We took the free Disney Magic shuttle over to the hotel and checked in, grabbed some dinner and Mickey bars at Artist’s Palette, and then crashed! We had a 5:20 am flight home Thursday morning with a Disney Magic shuttle pick up of 2:20am. So this is how we spent 2 days (and 1 late night) at Disney Springs without breaking the Bank.

Shopping- There are so many cool unique stores! Below are some of our favorites!!!

  • Dress Shop at Disney Market Place Co-Op- tried on some super cute dresses!

  • Chapel Hats- I wish I took some pictures of the hats as this was truly a fun place!

  • House of Blues Shop- Gabby spent a lot of time in here checking it out, Gracie and I enjoyed the live music just outside the store.

  • The Lego Store- Build, build, build!!

  • LittleMissMatched- Shopping for funky socks.

  • Once Upon A Toy- We built our own droids!

  • Pop Gallery- There is so much to see here that browsing around is hard work

  • Star Wars Galactic Outpost- Spent loads of time in here! If you have never heard of the YouTube channel Bad Lip Syncing, you are missing out. Check out A Bad Lip Syncing Empire Strikes Back SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now) “Run, run, run, jump, I can be your backpack while you run” The girls sang this song and reenacted as much as they could. Other people must have experienced this video, because two different strangers approached us one said “Whatever, you’re sort of pitchy” and the other “I hate Brenda” :) This made their day!

Star Wars Galactic Outpost
I can be your backpack while you run

  • Tren-D- Cute girlie clothes

  • Under Armor- Spent lots of time here. The girls tried some skills/endurance tests as well as selfies with the Hulk

  • UniQlo- Cute clothes

  • World of Disney- Everything Disney can be found here, even Marvel!

World of Disney---MARVEL!!!!

Disney Springs has quite a few areas that have live music. We grabbed a seat and even danced at a couple of spots. Our favorites were the band outside the House of Blues and the small area tucked between Boathouse and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. The live entertainment started around 6pm.

We had breakfast both mornings at Wolfgang Puck Express. The twins are gluten free and only sort of liked breakfast here (they were hoping for GF Mickey waffles). The rest of the days we snacked around the Springs. We had made reservations at Planet Hollywood but chose to skip it because we had snacked so much! Some of our favorites:

Yum! Ghiradelli
  • The Daily Poutine

  • Erin McKenna’s Bakery

  • Blaze Pizza- We shared a GF pizza here and it was soooo yummy. We have one of these at home now and eat there all the time.

  • The Smokehouse

  • Ghirardelli- This is always a must when we go to Disney

  • Disney’s Candy Cauldron